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Combine Book Smarts and Street Smarts to Be a Success


After graduating from college, most people look for and expect to get a job. However, the skills you used to do well in school are not the same as the skills you need to do well on a new job.

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Breadth of Knowledge

Do You Know What You're Worth?

What makes intelligence? Steve Jobs used to say that the difference between the intelligent and the unintelligent is the “bag of experiences” inside of you. Those who are open to new experiences and new ways of learning seem more likely to rise to the top in their field.

Experiences come in many forms: travel, exposure to the arts and the artists who create them. It may even come from undertaking great physical challenges.

Changing Needs

The things businesses must do to succeed change over time. For example, a few years ago, everyone was learning about social media. Social media remains in high use today, but by now there’s usually a separate person in every company who deals with creating, maintaining, and analyzing these accounts. 

Creative Thinking

A good education is a wonderful and often necessary tool in your adulthood survival kit. Never stop learning; there are not only plenty of new things to learn, but new ways to learn them. The truly successful use a combination of book smarts and street smarts to inform their view on the world and to make them better at their jobs.

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