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The 5 Best Jobs for Introverts

The modern workplace can be a nightmare for introverts, with its focus on collaboration and open-plan offices. If you're a person who dreads team projects and public speaking and gets more of a thrill out of canceling plans to attend a networking function than penciling it into the calendar, one of these jobs from PayScale's Best Jobs for You data package might be perfect for you.

The modern workplace can be a nightmare for introverts, with its focus on collaboration and open-plan offices. If you’re a person who dreads team projects and public speaking and gets more of a thrill out of canceling plans to attend a networking function than penciling it into the calendar, one of these jobs from PayScale’s Best Jobs for You data package might be perfect for you.


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1. Petroleum Geologist

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Who says you have to be super social to be a financial success? Petroleum geologists make a typical salary of $124,500 per year, and do it while analyzing data and working on cool engineering projects.

2. Statistician

If you love numbers and would rather commune with Excel than a hoard of colleagues, this job might be for you. One number that’s sure to appeal: the $70,000 annual median salary.

3. (tie) Private Chef

Pay fluctuates for private chefs, ranging from $34,000 to $126,000, but the expected earnings for this creative, satisfying job hover around $70,000. Private chefs are also slightly more likely to be female than male – rare in the profession in general.

3. (tie) Video Game Artist

Video game artists earn a median salary of $48,518 – not big bucks relative to other entries on our list, but for gamers who long to make their passion into a career, money might well pale next to the chance to build their own worlds.

5. Fine Artist

Hourly pay for fine artists varies considerably, from $9.97 per hour at the low end to $44.49 at the high end. Career duration and geographic location are factors in terms of pay.

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I would suggest trying your hand at investing in the stock market. It’s a great place for an introvert to gain professional confidence in the long run. Start with a virtual trading platform like Trakinvest where you can practice trading without having to invest real money. They also provide research and analytics for equity markets in India, the USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. In fact, if you perform well on their platform, you can also win industry internships and cash rewards. Check them out here


Statisticians do NOT use Excel, at least not for statistical analysis.


I am an introvert who doesn’t mind collaboration, working in open offices, etc. What I do find difficult is constant interruptions!

I think introverts are very good on one-to-one conversations or small groups. We tend to be overwhelmed by large groups and find it difficult to express ourselves in such instances. We do not like to be the centre of attention but when we are pushed or have no choice but to speak then we structure or construct our sentences very well. Most of the time we think before we say something and we talk when we feel its necessary. I am working in Procurement ; and everyday I feel that I chose the wrong career. I feel more comfortable when… Read more »

The general gist of these comments is disapproval of the apparent extrovert misconception of introverts, except for the comments from introverts about what constitutes introversion. I agree, introversion to me is not fear of large crowds; rather, an emphasis on focusing on and expressing one’s own inner voice. For this reason, I prefer work where I can express my own ability to creatively tackle and resolve problems. Paradoxically, I do not think introverts are followers, but actually self-motivated creators of their own lives and livelihoods.


Introverts have no place in this world clearly

Dennis W

I am an introvert but made a living as a door to door salesman for over 35 years. The past 10 years I have made a living as a tax accountant. Hanging labels on people is not productive. We all are different and have various hats that we wear as we go through life.

…It also depends on what kind of introvert you are. Many introverts do exceptionally well in small groups or one-on-one. They just get drained in large groups and don’t like to be the center of attention. (Introversion is not the same as “not being a people person,” and it is definitely not the same as “shyness.” It has more to do with what kinds of social settings are energizing.) Many introverts gravitate toward professional service careers (especially in healthcare) where one-on-one patient or client care is the norm. Additionally, introverts tend to possess a natural talent for organizing their thoughts… Read more »



Like most Payscale articles, it’s meager content, over-hyped to bring in clicks.


I have another to add to this list. I am a broadcast voice captioner who works from home. I provide closed captioning services for a variety of professional sporting event: NBA, MLB, NFL, etc; training and business conferences for private sector, government and educational institutions. It is a well paying job that is in high demand. For more information check out

Derrick Smith

And THESE are the five best?? Really???? UGH!

Derrick Smith

That is a disappointingly short list for presumably half the population. Extroverts win! Again!

Just because someone I am a self-described introvert doesn’t mean I’m not a people person. Introversion and Extroversion delineates a person’s method of “recharging their batteries,” or how they prefer to spend their free time. Introverts can work very well in teams, and indeed can be excellent leaders. I appreciate your desire to help people find happiness in their careers, but please stop spreading misinformation about introverts. I have had a very hard time convincing potential employers that yes, I’m introverted, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like people. If anything the workplace can use a larger dose of neurodiversity.… Read more »

Most of these jobs don’t appeal to me and the only one that does is difficult to make money with (fine artist).


Best Jobs for You is a fun and unique tool for career exploration. Here is my take on this career assessment tool


I wouldn’t call this a practical list for introverts. You should indeed, come up with something more achievable than these unusual and and generally unattainable if not uninteresting careers. There are very few of us introverts who could do these jobs. Artists generally have a very hard time. I don’t know where you came up with this one.


Tell them your introverted. You like deep thoughts to urself and don’t gaggle like a girl.


Hi Sir,
This is Bharat kollure. I am 2014 passed out engineering graduate & joined a steel detailing company. I am satisfy with my job but being an introvert it’s not easy to mingle in group & It’s difficult to communicate with higher authority. I am not frankly communicate in team or group & I just embracing like these situations. I feel comfortable when I alone. What it is, is it a sign of lack of confidence or a fear of communication don’t know. Please advise me, How should I overcome by this problem.

Thanks & Regards
Bharat kollure

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