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The 8 Worst Things About the Job Search

Looking for a job is a painful, humiliating experience akin to some kind of Hunger Game or Maze Run. Will you make it out alive? Maybe.

Looking for a job is a painful, humiliating experience akin to some kind of Hunger Game or Maze Run. Will you make it out alive? Maybe.


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1. Online Application Forms (After You’ve Already Uploaded Your Resume).

Why? WHY do I need to sit here and copy and paste my last 20 jobs (with required salary history), my colleges, high school, last five addresses, my preschool babysitter, and my least favorite green vegetables into your system? Especially when you require me to upload my resume beforehand, why aren’t you able to track all this stuff yourself?


2. How Much Can You Fudge That Resume Experience?

Sure, you’re pretty sure you’re perfect for the job, but what are their “must-haves” vs. “want-to-haves”? Someone with 10 years of experience doing the exact job they’re hiring for? Probably not going to find that person except in their dreams. 


3. Can You Do Some Spec Work?

This hilarious video shined the light on something that most writers and designers already know: being asked to do free “sample” work is the worst. Think you want to hire us? Just hire us!


4. Get Your Courage Up for That Interview

Put on your game face, get those shoes polished. It’s time to shine! Or something. What are we even supposed to wear these days?


5. Nobody Can Tell You How to Definitely Get the Job

The job search is full of unknowns. Can you get past the robots? Will you get that phone call from HR? When you’re interviewing, should you wear a suit or slacks? What will it take to close the deal? There are a lot of questions, and no perfect answers. Makes you feel like you’re just tilting at windmills most days.


6. Interview Two-Step

You can learn a dozen tips for making a good impression, but the mating dance of the interviewer and interviewee is a close-held secret. As a woman, should I act more “manly” to get this job? Should you defer to the interviewer’s opinion to reassure their ego? Should we always be beeping? This gif has it right:


7. Those “Tell Us Something About Yourself” Interview Questions

What does my ability to tap dance to “Smooth Criminal” have to do with getting hired? A lot, apparently. They always say to have one of these “surprise us” tidbits in your back pocket, but all I can ever think of are definite “overshares” like “I’m sweating through my shirt right now.”


8. Do the Dance, Still Don’t Know if You’re Getting Hired

You get through the resume, first-, second-, and third-round interviews, send your thank-you notes, and still have no idea where you stand in the eyes of the judges, er, hiring committee. Best you can do is take a bow and leave on a high note.


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