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35 Companies That Want to Hire You for Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs

Recently, FlexJobs compiled a list of 35 companies that offer part-time jobs that are 100 percent telecommuting positions – meaning that workers never have to come into the office. Good news, if you’re looking for flexible work that you can do in your jammies (or at least, without dealing with a commute).

“Part-time work is a very appealing flexible work arrangement for all types of groups, not just millennials, but also working parents, semi-retirees, and others, and there are growing opportunities for part-time work,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “In fact, FlexJobs experienced a 31 percent increase in the number of remote part-time jobs posted in our database from 2014 to 2015, demonstrating this increased need from companies.”

Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs

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Is Part-Time Right For You?

Whether you work at home or at an office, working part-time comes with pros and cons. The pros are pretty evident, right off the bat: flexibility is top on the list, along with potentially reducing the stress associated with a full-time job – which, these days, often means far more than 40 hours a week, even if you don’t count checking your emails after hours and on the weekends.

The downside is complicated. The most obvious issue is that you’ll make less money, but unless you were an hourly employee before you started working part-time, you might not have a handle on how much less money you could be making.

Part-time positions aren’t as likely to come with benefits like healthcare coverage or 401(k) match, but they’re also more likely to fall outside the promotion track.

“Those who opt to go part-time quickly discover that there is no such thing as a part-time job at the managerial or professional level,” writes Denise Cummins at PBS Newshour. “Part-time workers are not considered capable or worthy of managerial or professional duties — even if that is what they were doing before.”

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In other words, choosing to go part-time isn’t just about reducing hours. If you’re thinking about making the leap, you’ll want to consider what it might mean for future earnings.

That’s one advantage to starting your hunt from a list like the one FlexJobs put together; by specifically targeting companies that offer professional-level part-time jobs, the editors minimized the potential for dead-end gigs. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’d get promoted at a job at one of these employers – but then, there’s no guarantee of promotion with any job.

If you’re trying to figure out how to balance family obligations with work, or just prefer to have more time off than a standard workweek allows, one of these employers might be the place to start. (See FlexJobs’ post for links to current job listings.)

The Top 35 Companies With Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs

1. Edmentum


3. Appen

4. Connections Education

5. Chamberlain College of Nursing

6. Shutterstock

7. EGS (Expert Global Solutions)

8. Brigham Young University Idaho – BYUI

9. Grand Canyon University

10. DVMelite

11. AbilTo

12. Sitel

13. Walden University

14. Rosetta Stone

15. Worldwide101

16. Robert Half International

17. Direct Interactions

18. Active Network

19. Operator

20. VIPdesk Connect

21. Maritz CX

22. Lionbridge

23. Supporting Strategies

24. LanguageLine Solutions

25. LiveOps

26. Indiana Wesleyan University – IWU

27. International Knowledge Measurement

28. ActivEngage


30. VocoVision

31. Hilton Worldwide

32. Konsus

33. Social Career Page, LLC

34. Xerox

35. Elevate K-12

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