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8 Tech Companies Where You Start Out Earning 6 Figures

“What motivates you?” We’ve all been asked that question at some point in our careers. And everyone has a different answer, specifically when it comes to the motivation that keeps you in love with your 9-5 job.
high-paying tech companies

For example, some workers are motivated by the warm and fuzzy feeling they get from doing their work. Think nonprofits and social good organizations. On the other hand, there are workers who are largely motivated by money (no judgment!).

If you find yourself in the latter group, you probably already know that the tech industry is a high-paying market right now. But if you really want to drill down on where you can earn the most money straight out of the gate, you ought to consider a job at one of these tech companies that have early-career median pay that starts at six figures.

No. 8: Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, WA

Number of Employees: 120,849

Early-Career Median Pay: $102,000

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No. 7: Google

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Number of Employees: 72,053

Early-Career Median Pay: $103,000

No. 6: Twilio

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees: 880

Early-Career Median Pay: $103,000

No. 5: Square

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees: 2,105

Early-Career Median Pay: $105,000

No. 4: Palo Alto Networks

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

Number of Employees: 4,420

Early-Career Median Pay: $107,000

No. 3: LinkedIn

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees: 11,713

Early-Career Median Pay: $110,000

No. 2: Facebook

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Number of Employees: 17,048

Early-Career Median Pay: $110,000

No. 1: Twitter

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees: 3,583

Early-Career Median Pay: $112,000

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This is unrealistic since 7/8 of them are in California where the cost of living is so much higher. It would be more accurate if you prorated it based on cost of living.


The unfortunate part about this is that a 6 figure salary in any of the west coast cities is under the poverty line. At these salaries is almost impossible to raise a family, rent a small apartment — let alone own your own home. Don’t believe me? Go look! I’m finding more and more tech positions where the hiring company is willing to concede local face-to-face in lieu of attracting qualified talent that live in areas of the US where the cost of living is not so penalizing.

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