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Woman Steals Identity to Land Six-Figure Job in HR, Is Promoted Before Crime Discovered

Cindy T. White, 41, of Slidell, Louisiana, took the phrase “fake it ‘till you make it” to new levels in 2015 when she assumed the identity of another woman in order to land a job as a human resources manager at Diversified Foods & Seasonings, Inc.
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While we’ve all lied a little bit on our resume, in a story seemingly borrowed from the plot of the film “Catch Me If You Can”, Cindy T. White, 41, of Slidell, Louisiana, copied details from the LinkedIn profile of a qualified professional, and – along with a stolen driver’s license number and social security number – successfully applied for a job as a human resources manager. Despite having no prior experience in her role – or in the HR industry – White was promoted after five months at Diversified Foods & Seasonings, becoming the Senior Human Resources Director, an executive-level position complete with a $105,000 salary.

Despite having no prior experience in her role – or in the HR industry – White was promoted after five months, becoming the Senior Human Resources Director, an executive-level position complete with a $105,000 salary.Click To Tweet

According to Orlando’s WFTV, “Company officials became suspicious a few months later when they noticed that White had trouble with duties that she should have been able to perform based on her alleged educational background.”

Tell Me, Who Are You?

White, who already had a criminal record – including a stint of probation after being convicted of a prior identity theft while working at a sheriff’s office – worked for seven months at Diversified Foods & Seasonings before her colleagues and supervisors realized she may not have possessed the skills and educational background she claimed; According to WFTV, her fraudulent resume listed a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a master’s degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Once her colleagues took a closer look at her documentation, they realized White may not have been who she claimed. They then called the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, where an investigation uncovered the scam.

At her trial, while prosecutors argued that White had fraudulently collected $56,209 during the seven months she worked in HR at Diversified Foods & Seasonings, her “defense attorney argued that she earned the salary she received.”

While we don’t condone identity theft – or any kind of criminal activity – after working for seven months in a senior a role without any prior experience, it seems White may possess innate skills and knowledge that make her a natural. After all, she was promoted after less than half a year on the job!

But given she’s facing a ten-year prison sentence, recruiters may have to wait to scoop her up.


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Joel A.

Shame on the HR folks that hire her for not doing their do diligence doing a background check that would require a financial, criminal background check as well as an education verification (submission of official transcripts). The transcripts will indicate whether or not a person graduated with the degree and graduation dates included. They might also consider changing their policy for onboarding staff that any offer of employment is contingent on completion of said background checks and submission of education transcripts.


You seem to have missed the point of the article – she stole someone else’s identity. The background check would have been run on the victim, not the perpetrator, and everything would have been verified. Only if something turned up that didn’t agree with what she told them, e.g. photographs of an obviously different person, or currently living abroad in another country, would any red flags be raised.

HR Director

Clearly, you don’t see the point of the story. This person, is an identity thief. Second, not every company runs a complete background check and unless her position required her to handle financial matters for the company, a credit check is a no-no in most states now. They should have a 3rd party conducting background checks. How she got away with it is beyond me. There is more to this story, as they must not have verified her documentation for I-9 purposes (matching photo is required). Someone clearly screwed this up.


10 years seems too much though…

M. Lyons
And this is why this world is the cesspool that it is. Sociopaths fly under the radar due to the inept, who have lied, schemed, and manipulated to compensate for their lack of skill among other characteristics, and they get promoted because of their toxic charm. I have seen it again and again in the employment arena and I have a Masters in I/O. As such, these parasites are admired, as indicated in the article. Two good points of reference are the books “Snakes In Suits” and “Toxic Coworkers”. They should be mandatory reads for EVERY mid and upper level… Read more »
Guest G

Kudos to her for knowing the job enough to get promoted. She should have maintained the lower role long enough to understand the responsibilities on the hire position. Education is not always formal but rather aptitude.

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