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Yes, You Really Need a Vacation!

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Work is important. But so is time off. In fact, studies show you need a vacation once in a while to be at your best when you’re in the office.

Workaholic that you are, you take pride in your perfect attendance record, your daily presence, the thought that this place definitely couldn’t run as well without you — but that’s just not healthy. You really do need to take a break, even just for a week or two at a time.

Here are some signs that you desperately need to take some time off, like now.

1. They Call You “The Grump”

At home or at work, you’re miserable. You complain, your body aches, you’re in no mood for fun. Even a full night’s sleep doesn’t seem to give you any willingness to get out of bed on the right side. Foul temperament could be a sign that you really need to change things up, unplug and unwind. It’s the number one reason on Cosmo’s list, “17 Signs That You Desperately Need a Vacation”. Listen to Cosmo. They were right about that vest, after all.

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2. You See Nothing but Trouble on the Horizon

Everything’s “impossible”, or nearly so. Every task seems to send you into a tailspin of woe. You just can’t see the bright ideas popping up like they used to when you were fresh. A vacation can afford you some much-needed time and space to collect yourself and literally recharge your brain. Get off the phone, pick up some summer reads, and hit the road for some new experiences. You’ll never guess where inspiration is going to strike (spoiler: It’s not happening at your desk).

3. You Can’t Remember Your Last Vacation

Can you literally not remember the last time you took a break? It’s not an accomplishment. That’s a cry for help! Hopefully, you get some paid vacation at your job, but even if you don’t, working yourself into the ground isn’t going to help you succeed. Plan some days off where you’re not on-call or thinking about what “you’re missing” at work. Even if you’re taking a little bit of a cut to take unpaid leave for a few days, think of it as an investment in your personal wellbeing.

Can you literally not remember the last time you took a break? It's not an accomplishment. It's a cry for help! Working yourself into the ground isn't going to help you succeed.Click To Tweet

4. You Don’t Think You Can Handle the Post-vacation Workload

Nobody says you have to take vacation at the same time as a big project or when everyone else is going to be out of the office too. If August is the hot month for taking time off, meaning you’ll be coming back to a pile of problems that nobody dealt with in your absence, then choose to take some time in the early fall or even the winter. You’ll also save when you vacay during off-times, when hotels are less expensive and attractions are less crowded. Bonus!

5. You’re Paranoid About “Being Replaced” While Absent

That’s just plain old unhealthy. If you truly think that having Carl cover for you for five days is going to submarine your entire career thus far, then you’re probably living in an ’80s movie plot, not reality. Delegating tasks and being a good leader to those in your team and under you is a great way to show that you’re a great prospect for a promotion. Ever heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Be missed! Make them want to you back because you’re awesome at what you do!

Whatever your reason, make sure to take time for yourself. And not just a long weekend. Studies show that we really don’t get the benefits of a vacation unless it’s at least eight days long.


What’s your vacation plan? How will you make sure it’s a good one for your mind, body, and spirit? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment or join the discussion on Twitter.

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