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6 Excellent Ice Cream Jobs

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Ice Cream
Image Credit: Pexels / Calebe Miranda

What’s better on a hot summer day than a visit to your local ice cream shop? What if you could parlay your love of ice cream into a job or even a career?

It’s great to love what you do, and who doesn’t love ice cream? It turns out that there are more jobs within this delicious industry than you might guess. So, in honor of National Ice Cream Day (celebrated this year on Sunday, July 15) here are some yummy ice-cream-related jobs.

1. Quality assurance technician

Part of ice cream manufacturing and production is ensuring that the end product is as delicious as it should be. Working as a quality assurance technician isn’t really about taste testing though. It’s more about ensuring that the ice cream is handled properly during production, and that the processes and procedures that are in place both monitor and improve sanitation and other quality assurance practices.

2. Ice cream manufacturer – production operator

The ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing industry isn’t likely to plummet into obscurity any time soon. Ice cream is a product that will be in demand for decades to come. Being employed as a production operator is hard work though. These manufacturers generally work on a busy and noisy production floor. You should be comfortable with frequent physical activity over extended periods of time if you want to work one of these jobs.

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3. Dairy farmer

Ronald Regan started National Ice Cream Day, which is a part of National Ice Cream month, to laud the dairy industry, as well as ice cream itself. We certainly couldn’t have ice cream without dairy farms and farmers. These folks work hard to bring us the products that so many love. It doesn’t stop at ice cream of course. Other delicious products like cheese and butter get their start thanks to the dairy farmer.

4. Ice cream shop manager

If you feel really committed to your love of ice cream, you could consider becoming the owner or manager of your very own shop. Be sure to consider the risks associated with going into business for yourself – namely the risk of the investment itself, and there’s no guaranteed paycheck each week either. You might also work as the manager of someone else’s shop. Just make sure you’re prepared to spend a lot of time on the premises.

5. Ice cream taster

The job of ice cream taster is the kind of employment you might have dreamt about when you were a kid. For some lucky individuals, the fantasy is a reality. These “taste masters” work full time quality product control. Some even create new ice cream flavors. The top ice cream tasters can earn up to $100,000 a year. Most would agree, this is pretty great work if you can get it.

6. Ice cream shop cashier/server

Don’t forget to consider the good ol’ job of ice cream shop worker, server and cashier if you’d like to work in this delicious industry. There are lots of these jobs all over the country, and many hire extra workers or temporary workers during the summer months. Now is a great time to try your hand at working the counter of your local shop, and at doing some serious scooping. You’re sure to see a lot of smiling faces, from customers of every age, each and every day.

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