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Can You Visualize Your Way to a Good Day at Work?

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You may have heard of the power of visualization. But, can imagining yourself having a good day really make it happen?

Some techniques that were once viewed as a little too woo-woo by many are steadily gaining scientific ground. For example, meditation really does have proven and significant health and emotional benefits. In the same way, visualization work shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here’s what you need to know:

Visualization can be a powerful tool

Visualization has been used in the field of sports for a long time. Numerous studies have tested and proven is effectiveness. In one study, for example, after basketball players tested their free throw abilities, they were split into three groups. One group did nothing. Another practiced. And, another group visualized the ball going through the hoop. When the groups were tested again, the ones who visualized performed nearly as well as the people who practiced.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

You can probably see that visualization really works when you think about your own life. What would happen if you went into a job interview thinking, “I’m never ever going to get this job. Why would they hire me? Why am I even wasting my time?” Now think about what would happen if you instead thought, “I am excited about this opportunity and I’m looking forward to this interview. This is going to be a great experience no matter what happens.”

The way you talk to yourself in your head really matters. Visualizing a good day can definitely help you get there. And, the opposite is also true.

The way you talk to yourself in your head really matters. Visualizing a good day can definitely help you get there. And, the opposite is also true.Click To Tweet

Backing it up with actions is essential

Of course, there are limits to the power of visualizing. If you leave for work 30 minutes late in the morning and then go into a status meeting unprepared, you probably won’t have a great day at work no matter how much you visualize a positive outcome. It’s essential to back up your visualizations with your actions.

Imagine yourself having a great performance review with your boss, and also prepare for that sit-down by putting together some thoughtful notes. Visualize yourself landing a new fantastic client, and do the legwork to make new connections as much as possible. Visualization work is meant to support you in your goals. It can’t stand alone.

learn more about what you really want

Visualization can help you figure out what you want from your workday or even from your career in general by looking forward. Instead of dwelling on the present, visualization gives you the opportunity to ask yourself what you’d really like to be doing.

You may even be surprised by the results when you open yourself up to imagining the kind of workday you’d really enjoy. Maybe you’ll find that you’d like to work more closely with others or that you’d like to more reliably leave the office at a reasonable hour. However, you might also find that you imagine yourself working an entirely different job when you open yourself up in this way.

You’ll learn a little something about yourself no matter what comes up. And that could help you get closer to living the work-life you really want.

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