The 5 Best Jobs for College Students

Attending college is astronomically expensive. Gone are the days when you could work part-time and over the summers, and come away with enough money to float your tuition and fees out-of-pocket. Still, even if you're paying for your education with loans and grants, extra money comes in handy when you're in school. The challenge is to find jobs that line your pockets without interfering with your studies. As part of PayScale's data report, The Best Jobs for You, we looked at a few of the best part-time jobs for people who don't yet have a degree, but are working toward one.

5 Jobs for People Who Love Travel

Most workers who travel as part of their jobs get to see the insides of identical conference centers from sea to shining sea. It's exciting if you like single-serving coffee or collect hotel soaps, and less exciting if your true love is travel -- the real kind, where you get to immerse yourself in a culture, however briefly, and see the world from a whole new perspective. If that's your idea of the perfect gig, these jobs might be a good fit for you.

Should We Really Care if Nannies Are Replacing Rich Parents?

Any time a nanny is mentioned, especially nannies working for wealthy parents, non-wealthy and non-nanny-having parents end up getting riled up about rich parents not actually being parents and so forth. Nannies have been filling in for parents at bake sales and school functions for as long as nannies were invented. Yet, many of us feel as though rich parents are once again taking advantage of being rich and somehow shirking parental responsibility.

Nanny Jobs – How Much Money Does a Nanny Make?

Name: Mary Anne Taylor
Job Title: Professional Nanny
Where: Seattle, WA
Employer: Self-Employed
Years of Experience: 5
Education: Bachelor’s in Child Psychology from the University of Washington
Relevant Experience: Part-time babysitting jobs all through high school and college. I helped take care of my little brother growing up. Received a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology and now am taking classes to get my teaching certificate.
Annual Salary: How much money does a nanny make? Use PayScale's Research Center to find out.

Becoming a Child Care Provider

What training is needed to be a nanny? How much money does a nanny make? Exactly what is the job description of a nanny? If you’re thinking of becoming a child care provider, these are all questions you are probably asking yourself. In this Salary Story, professional Nanny Mary Anne Taylor answers these questions and explains why her answers tend to vary depending on who she is working for. Overall, becoming a child care provider can lead to a challenging, versatile career that also helps prepare you to raise your own children.