Feeling Lazy? Bask in These Stories of 4 People Who Got Paid to Do Nothing

Earlier this year, PayScale told the story of A. K. Verma, an Indian civil servant who managed to avoid coming to work for 24 years before eventually getting fired for "willful absence of duty" in January 2015. Though his case, a byproduct of India's tough-to-penetrate labor laws, is shocking, Verma is not the only employee who has been paid to do nothing. Plenty of workers have found themselves in situations in which they are paid not to work.

5 Jobs That Pay Well, But May Not Be Fulfilling

Some jobs don’t offer warm fuzzies, but they do give you a fat paycheck. If having that comfortable income is a priority for you, and you can find meaning in other aspects of your life, then here are some careers you might want to consider.

Are Women Better Leaders of Ethnically Diverse Countries?

Companies rightly want ethnically diverse teams, to reflect the population of the countries that make up their customer base. But governing an ethnically diverse country is not without its challenges. A new study takes a look at the role of gender in successful leadership, and finds that the countries that pull off both economic success and diversity all have one variable in common: a female head of state.

Stressed Across America [infographic]

Stressful jobs are the same, no matter where you live. If you're a heart surgeon or an air traffic controller, you're going to be a little tense from time to time. But some cities have higher concentrations of certain stressful jobs. PayScale's latest infographic looks at these.

Green Jobs – Green Building Specialist

Name: Valerie Garrett, LEED AP
Job Title: Coordinator, Regional Green Building Hotline and Green Building Specialist
Where: Portland, OR
Years of Experience: Two years at present job; 18 in career
Education: University of Houston Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, Architectural license, LEED Accredited Professional
Employer: City of Portland Oregon Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Green Building Program
Salary: >See the PayScale Research Center for median salaries in the green building industry.

Green Jobs - Green Building Specialist

Green building. Green energy. Green products. Green is the eco-friendly catchphrase of the century and multiple industries are adopting it as their own. Demand is slowly increasing for both greener products and building design as consumers become aware of the importance of sustainability. This shift toward environmentally friendly consumerism also means the creation of more green jobs.

The following Salary Story provides one example of what a green job can look like. Green building guru Valerie Garrett describes the multiple facets of her job - from education to outreach to marketing and more. As a green building specialist and coordinator of a regional green building hotline, Valerie helps local residents and business owners make their lives and work more green. Keep reading to find out if this green job would be right for you.

Building Maintenance Career

Name: Eddy Wedertz, Sr.
Job Title: Retail Store Building Maintenance Supervisor
Where: Fort Myers, FL
Years of Experience: 21 years
Education: Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA, Air-conditioning major, Math and Electrical minors.
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median salary of a building maintenance supervisor.

Building Maintenance Supervisor

The importance of building maintenance is often taken for granted until something stops working. All of a sudden work grinds to a halt because the lights have gone out, the ceiling is leaking onto your computer, or the office is the temperature of the sun. That’s when Eddy Wedertz is transformed into a hero. He and others like him are the only people who know the maintenance plans and procedures required to take care of any problem within a given building or business. So the next time you see your maintenance manager, thank them - they not only make your job easier, they make it possible.

Careers in Law – Government Contracts Paralegal

Name: Anonymous
Job Title: Government Contracts Paralegal
Where: Washington, DC
Employer: United States Congress
Years of Experience:
Education:Certificate, Paralegal Studies, U of MD University College (UMUC); Bachelor of Arts Legal Studies, UMUC; Master's Certificate in Government Contracting, George Washington University/ESI
Annual Salary:Use PayScale’s Research Center to find Paralegal Salaries, including the Median Paralegal Salary by Years of Experience.

Careers in Law - Government Contracts Paralegal

Forensic Scientist’s Salary: A Real Life CSI TV Show

Name: Barry Fisher
Job Title: Crime Lab Director
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employer: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Years of Experience: 38 of Forensic Science experience
Forensic Science Education: BA Chemistry - City College of New York, Masters Organic Chemistry - Purdue University, MBA - Cal State at Northridge
Forensic Scientist Salary: $125,000

Forensic Scientist's Salary: A Real Life CSI TV Show

Thanks to the popularity of the CSI TV show, more and more people are wondering about the requirements to become a forensic scientist or want more info on a career in forensic science. And nearly everyone is curious about a forensic scientist’s salary. Many Americans may think the requirements to become a forensic scientist can be picked up simply by watching the CSI Miami Cast, mentioned on Spoilerbuzz.com, but in reality, that's not the case. A career in forensic science requires both academic preparation and training specific to becoming a forensic scientist.

We recently interviewed Barry Fisher, Crime Lab Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Barry gave us the latest info on a forensic scientist’s salary, requirements to become a forensic scientist, forensic scientist education, how cases solved by forensics in real life differ from the CSI TV show and the low-down on a forensic scientist job - a vocation recently blogged on sarahq.livejournal.com.

If you've ever watched the CSI TV Show, you know that a career in forensic science looks exciting. But what is it really like to become a forensic scientist? What factors will influence a forensic scientist's salary? And what classes are part of a forensic scientist education? This Salary Story will answer your questions and solve the mystery...

Average Salary: Welfare Investigator Job

Name: Anonymous
Job Title: Welfare Investigator
Where: Elizabeth, NJ
Education:  BA in Philosophy from Bryn Mawr, Magna Cum Laude and MA, ABD in Philosophy from Georgetown University, Departmental Honors
Years of Experience: 2 years in this job
Salary: $37k – welfare investigators just got a 2% raise!
Employer: State of New Jersey, Child Welfare

Welfare Investigator Job Description:

I work for an organization called the Office of the Law Guardian (OLG) in the State of New Jersey. I’m teamed up with a lawyer who is a part of the Public Defenders office and we represent children in child welfare, including children in foster care. My welfare investigator job duties include assisting in the representation of these children by interviewing their caregivers, sometimes teachers, therapists, and other people in their lives and to summarize my findings in reports. My investigator job also involves explaining to individuals some aspects of the law, helping people better understand the legal process for children in the court system. Occasionally, I have to testify in court, which is definitely not my favorite part of this investigator job.

Why did you choose this welfare investigator job?

After working in academia for a long time, I wanted to do a job where the fruits of my labor would have some effect on the world. Work that would make some measurable difference. In this welfare investigator job, I’m actually able to help people.