#ThisPsychMajor Agrees With Jeb Bush — Sort Of

At a recent town hall event, Jeb Bush said that psych majors "end up working at Chick-fil-A." He went on to add that, "I just don't think people are getting jobs as psych majors." As a fully employed former psychology major, I have to say I resent that. In fact, I've written before on how to turn your psych major into a lucrative career, demonstrating that it's entirely possible to find employment outside the retail sector. But that doesn't mean that getting a job with a bachelor's in psychology is easy.

SXSW Cancels Sessions About Gamer Harassment Due to … Harassment

Recently, it was announced that SXSW had cancelled two panels about harassment and online gaming due to threats of violence. In reaction to this decision, a few notable media companies, including Buzzfeed and Vox, have withdrawn from the festival. As the producer of an accepted panel, "How to Diversify Tech & Hack the Unconscious Bias," we know very well the costs of unequal opportunities on women in the workplace. The goal of our panel is to discuss the root causes of this inequality, and one of them is a cultural climate hostile to women in STEM and other male-dominated spaces. Our panel focuses on fighting bias in the workplace, but we advocate for fighting bias and harassment toward women in any environment.

Gen Y in the Workplace: It’s Complicated

There are two dominant veins of thought about Generation Y that have garnered a lot of media interest in the past several months. PayScale's data reveals that these two perspectives don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive and that, sometimes, data-driven stories are just as complicated as the humans they're based on.

3 Tips for Apologizing to Your Employees

You're the boss and, as they say, it's good to be king. But what happens when your employees hear you making a sexist remark? As the guys at Penny Arcade saw at PAX, sometimes you just have to own up to your mistakes. Read on for tips on regaining the respect of your employees.

How to Turn Your Psychology Degree Into a Lucrative Career

When you look over the 2013 College ROI Report, it’s pretty obvious that schools with strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs top the list. But even if you aren’t drawn to study a classical STEM major, it doesn’t mean you can’t work in a STEM job. As a member of PayScale’s Data Team, I put my psychology degree to work for me and landed a good-paying job while studying a subject that fascinated me.