Revolva vs. Oprah: Should You Ever Work for Free?

In a perfect world, everyone with the passion, skill, and willingness to work hard would have his or her dream job -- and a dream salary to match. Reality, of course, is often quite different. But there's a world of difference between making less than you want (or even less than you're worth) and making nothing at all. And yet, for people in the arts, this is often the pitch: work for nothing, hoping that exposure or another project for your portfolio will lead you to real, paying work down the road. The question, of course, is whether or not it's ever worth it to do so. After all, you can't pay the rent with exposure.

Low Stress, High Pay? These 3 Low-Pressure Jobs Can Pay $70k or More per Year

It's common to think of stress and pay as a tradeoff. For example, surgeons and air traffic controllers pull down the big bucks because their work is not only beneficial to society, but potentially tough on the cortisol levels of the job-holder. We don't care how good you are at managing stress: if your job involves rebuilding the human body or landing several tons of steel and jet fuel, you're going to feel the pressure. But not every high-paying gig demands such sacrifices.

5 Jobs That Pay Well, But May Not Be Fulfilling

Some jobs don’t offer warm fuzzies, but they do give you a fat paycheck. If having that comfortable income is a priority for you, and you can find meaning in other aspects of your life, then here are some careers you might want to consider.

How Not To Act When You Don’t Like Your Coworkers

Very few workplaces are without occasional bickering and drama amongst co-workers. The reality is, if you spend that much time with anyone, you are likely going to start becoming annoyed by any number of pet peeves or idiosyncrasies. Although most of us are pretty good at refraining from throat punching people we work with, public bickering can be just as bad. Especially, if you happen to be employed in a public venue, such as the news.

Could Your Business Be the Next Big Reality Show?

From cupcake bakers to duck call makers, small business owners and employees are today's top reality stars. The benefits of letting a camera crew follow your every move are obvious. Every episode is like a half hour commercial for your business and that means more people at your door.

Blogging Jobs – Producer and Event Coordinator Job Description

Name: Jason Schumaker
Job Title: Producer/"Blog Dog"/Event Coordinator
Current Employer:
Where: Seattle, WA
Years of Experience: 5
Other Relevant Work Experience: Worked as an editor and writer for a computer magazine.
Education: University of South Carolina, Bachelor's in Journalism; Summit School of Guitar, Vancouver Island, Canada, trained as a guitar builder and repairman.
Salary: Research salaries for event coordinator, web producer and blogging jobs.

Blogging Jobs - Producer and Event Coordinator Job Description

In this Salary Story, we hear from Jason Schumaker, a self-described "Jason of all trades." He explains what it's like to juggle multiple roles in his job at On any give day, you may find him working as event coordinator, editing video footage, or blogging on one of the company blogs. And that's just a small part of his producer job description. If you're interested in blogging jobs or other online writing positions, keep reading to get Jason's advice on how to produce compelling content. 


Copywriter Careers – Copywriter Job Description

Name: Carol Pocina
Job Title: Copywriter
Years of Experience: 3
Where: Minneaplis, MN
Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Other Relevant Work Experience: Worked on directories for community services. Talked with people that offered free services and wrote informational paragraphs for directory.
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for copywriter salary data.

Copywriter Careers - Copywriter Job Description

How do you get started as a copywriter? In this Salary Story, we hear about one copywriter's career path from completing a marketing degree to finding freelance copywriting jobs. She shares advice on what to expect from copywriter careers, especially as an entry-level writer. She also offers insight into the salary of a copywriter and explains why copywriter jobs can be both challenging and fun.  If you're looking for a creative occupation or just want to know more about freelance writing jobs, keep reading to find out more.

PayScale: What is your copywriter job description?

I work on writing copy for clients' ads and brochures. I do research on the technical properties of the products I write about and try to determine what makes the product appealing to the people who will read my work. Currently I am writing about tools that painting contractors use and copper metal roofs. Copywriting isn't always exciting.

Mad Men: Are They Making Mad Money?

From naughty secretaries in tight, red dresses to sexist, chain-smoking account executives, the TV drama Mad Men has fans all a flutter about 1960s culture. Right down to single malt scotch during meetings, Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper ad agency …

Jobs for English Majors: They Do Exist

The butt of every cocktail party joke – the English major. “Oh, that’s nice that you read Shakespeare. But, how does that get you a job?”

Well, it turns out that wordsmithing just might be the ticket in to today’s job market. According to a survey of HR professionals by global outplacement agency Challenger, Gray and Christmas and quoted in a New York Times article, “Young Workers: U Nd 2 Improve Ur Writing Skills,” the number one skill missing amongst entry-level job applicants is “writing skills.” Huh, sounds like that business degree may not do the trick for getting started in a new career.

How to Become an Author – Ghostwriter Salaries

Name: Rick Lanning
Job Title: Ghostwriter and Photographer
Where: Missouri – United States
Employer: Self-employed. I just finished writing a book for a retired investment banker who lives in the Caribbean. He was born in London and managed an investment fund of over $22 billion daily trading in currencies.
Years of Experience: 25 years
Relevant Experience: I had my own radio show and have written for some 50 magazines since 1970.
Education: High school graduate, two years of college and a graduate of a creative writing school in Hollywood, CA.
Annual Salary: See PayScale’s Reseach Center for the median Author Salary in the U.S.

Looking for a career that offers challenge, excitement, and creativity? How about a career that includes traveling to exotic locations and bumping elbows with the rich and famous? This may sound too good to be true, but, if you have a knack for the written word, can build rapport with diverse people, and love to tell a great story, you might be the perfect candidate for a career as a ghostwriter.

For Ghostwriter Rick Lanning, a typical work day could include meeting Willie Nelson or jetting off to the Caribbean to work with his next big client. In this Salary Story, Rick reflects on the interesting people, places, and stories he has encountered during his 25 years as a ghostwriter.

Snapshot of a Writer Job: Employing Your Creative Side

Name: Mazy
Job Title: Writer
Where: Orlando, FL
Employer: Self-Employed
Years of Experience: 2
Education: Central Connecticut State University, B.A. in English, minor in creative writing.
Annual Salary: Writers' salaries vary greatly by the type of writing. Visit the PayScale Research Center for median Author salaries, and Editorial Writer salaries.

So, you want to be a writer? According to Mazy, a self-employed Creative Writer, persistence and determination pay off when it comes to landing those highly coveted writer jobs. Convincing publishers and newspapers to print your work can be difficult but is worth it for Mazy, whose job perks include the ability to work from any location. Check out the PayScale Research Center for salary information on various other writer jobs, including Journalist salaries, and the salary range for Grant Writers.

Writer Job Description:
Mazy: "I write fictional stories as episodes and sell them to newspapers and periodicals.  I tend to print on a bi-weekly basis."

PayScale: How did you get started as a Writer?
Mazy: "I started badgering newspapers until they decided to print my work.  But, I had to be very persistent and I had to go to them continually."

News Anchor Salaries

Name: Sheree Paolello
Job Title: News Anchor
Where: Cincinnati, Ohio
Employer: WLWT-TV Channel 5
Years of Experience: 11
Education: Northern Kentucky University, B.A. in Radio/TV/Film, Minor in Journalism
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median news anchor salaries by city.

News Anchor Salaries

If you're interested in news anchor salaries and how to become a news anchor, this is one Salary Story you'll want to tune in to. We spoke to TV news anchor Sheree Paolello about her journey into the world of TV news anchors, her news anchor bloopers and more! This interview is a "must-read" for anyone who wants the inside story on news anchor wages and how to get a job on the air!