7 Stupid Statements That Can Sabotage Your Job Interview

Could you be sabotaging your job interviews without even knowing it?

With one stupid statement, you can take yourself out of the running for your dream job. Unfortunately, many candidates are following bad advice and need a refresher course in what not to say on a job interview.

1. Sorry I'm late.
Let's start with the basics. Never, ever be late for a job interview. It's almost impossible to recover from tardiness, even if you're a perfect match for the job.

The usual excuses (traffic, subway delays, dog ate your resume, alien abduction) aren't good enough. The interviewer is thinking: “If he can't make it on time for the interview, what can we expect if we hire him?”

What Not to Wear to Your Next Job Interview

"Sorry, you didn't get the job. We hated your outfit."

Sound silly? Most interviewers won't be this candid, but it's undeniable that your wardrobe is a key factor in your first impression -- especially in a hyper-competitive job market.

Naturally, your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments are most important. However, your interviewer will make an initial judgment about you before you get to say a word. You'll probably never get the chance to wow them with your great ideas if you turn them off with your first impression.