After 25 Years of Teaching, Professor Dies Broke

After a quarter-century teaching at the university level, 83-year-old Margaret Mary Vojtko died impoverished. A friend says her death highlights the plight of adjunct professors, who endure abject penury despite teaching at some of the top universities in the nation.

Why Do Women Choose Lower-Paying Jobs?

NPR reporter Lisa Chow majored in applied mathematics. She got her MBA. But when choosing a job, she picked one in journalism, not exactly the most lucrative option. Why do women, even the ones who earn a STEM-related degree, tend to opt for jobs with lower pay?

America’s Growing Adjunct Crisis [Infographic]

Though they study on average more than eight years to teach, most adjunct professors earn just $20,000 a year. The number of masters and doctorate degree holders on food stamps has tripled in the past few years. Why do we reward our best and brightest with measly pay, massive debt and, very often, no career?

Fast Food Workers Can’t Afford Rent, Demand Higher Wages

Media outlets are calling it the largest fast food worker strike in U.S. history. Starting Monday, hundreds of low-wage workers walked out of McDonald's and other chain eateries in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Flint, Mich. and Kansas City, Mo., demanding living wages so they can afford rent, shoes and healthy food.

Coming Closer to Pay Parity for Women

The Equal Pay Act outlawed employers from gender-discriminatory pay practices in 1963, but pay still isn't entirely equal. Now, legislation seeks to expand existing law to enact more protections against male-female pay disparities. Fed up, women are "leaning in" hard on this one, which means the Paycheck Fairness Act, twice rejected by Congress, might now stand a better chance of becoming law.

Culinary Students Fed Up with Tuition Costs

Many chefs pursue a culinary career for the art of it, not because they think they'll get rich working in a kitchen. (Well, unless you go into the field with the lofty goal of becoming a celebrity chef.) Starting salaries are miserably low and the hours are late and long. So why do chef schools charge a fortune for their typically 18-month programs?

#PayChat: Learn the Ins and Outs of Effective Salary Negotiation

By Brian Steel,

It's time for another #PayChat - Are you as excited as we are?! The topic is “Salary Negotiation: How to Be Prepared for The Talk." This engaging Twitter chat is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th at 10:30a.m. (PST). Get your questions, tips, tricks and advice ready to tweet using the hashtag #PayChat, of course. During this 30 minute chat, we will talk about negotiating tips, how to research salary information, how to ask for a raise and more. Join other professionals and learn how to make the salary negotiation process less painful and far more rewarding.

Introducing #PayChat

Here at PayScale, we work diligently to help you with your career. From helping you figure out your salary potential to doing whatever we can to help you meet your career goals and #MakeItHappen, we are on Team You. And because we are your biggest cheerleaders, we are always thinking of new ways to help you excel in your career. To that effect, we are proud to introduce our newest feature: #PayChat.