Use PayScale’s Best Jobs for You Tool to Find Your Dream Job

Choosing a job is never an easy task, whether you’re a fresh-faced student deciding on a field of study or an experienced professional thinking about your next big career move. PayScale’s new Best Jobs for You tool is here to make that decision a lot easier. This new tool allows you to comb through our immense career database to find a job that matches your preferences, experience and education levels and earns the salary you want.

Salary Research Center: The Next Generation

Today we welcome the next generation of the PayScale Research Center to our site, or as we've been calling it: RC:TNG*. We're generating more pages that are more specific and give you a better picture about the jobs you're interested in researching.

PayScale Teams Up With Nokia’s JobLens App to Revolutionize Mobile Job Searching

Good news for job hunters in the UK - the job hunt just got a whole lot easier and more convenient thanks to JobLens, a Nokia mobile app that helps job seekers locate opportunities based on their location and social media networks. The app has partnered with key companies such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and (most importantly) PayScale to make the job search to application process seamless. Learn about this app for a peek into the future of job hunting.

Disambiguations and Enhancements – View Ridge Release

By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

Bonjour! I'm pretty excited for the features we're releasing today. Last release we worked on some behind-the-scenes tools to help us process some of our previously unused data. This release, we are pushing out some new features based on that new data.

Read on to see the new hotness.