Office Cake Pushers Are Making Us Fat

Cake: cheaper than a raise, more delicious than a free gym membership. No wonder employer-sponsored (or management-encouraged) office celebrations remain so popular. There’s just one problem, of course: too much of a good thing, in this case, can be …

Why Is There Still Such a Thing as ‘Late to Work’?

There's being late, and then there's dropping the ball. A workplace isn't high school (even though it can feel that way), and bells shouldn't rule your life as an adult. What's infuriating about old-fashioned workplace "late policies" is that they treat you like you like you're not an adult or that you somehow live in a world that isn't filled with the chaos of traffic, kids, and the occasional stomach virus.

Does the High Cost of College Text Books Make Sense?

Not only has the cost of college tuition increased through the years, but between the years 2002 and 2012, the cost of college textbooks alone have increased 82 percent. While the cost of a higher education has never been cheap, when you consider the resources and alternatives that are now available, expensive text books may not make much sense.

Are You a Supertasker?

The research is in on multitasking. Constantly switching back and forth from one task to another puts strain on the brain. This additional strain then decreases our ability to pay attention and to focus. It also places a heavy burden on memory.

#PayChat: Job Hunting and Social Media

Today a social media presence is required to land a job, but where do you begin? How do you use social media to get hired? Please join us this Wednesday, February 26th at 10:30 A.M. (PST) to discuss this topic and learn how to make the most of your job search by using social media in our monthly twitter chat, #PayChat.

PayScale HackDay v0.12

What is hack day? The tech team spends a day each quarter working on whatever they want, turning up the music, eating good food, then voting. Sometimes projects are about taking risks and experimenting or learning a new technology. Often times projects turn into features in production that our customers use every day and I expect that some of these will too.

You May Be Exempt from Overtime If…

There seem to be exceptions to every rule, including rules regarding whether or not an employer can give comp time instead of overtime pay to employees. County and state officials around the country sometimes have difficulty keeping up with federal standards and guidelines regarding who is eligible for or exempt from overtime pay. Employers who get it wrong may pay dearly in wage-theft lawsuits. Employees may do their own research to ascertain their rights, eligibility or possible exemptions.

2 Ways Occupy Wall Street Affects You Today

Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zucotti Park two years ago, but its effect on employees in the 50 states did not stop there. Numerous organizations sprung out of Occupy Wall Street, including Alternative Banking and Physicians for a National Health Program, which continue to benefit workers today.