Dress Codes Are Dumb…Or Are They?

Dress Codes
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The idea of a dress code at a place of business – staffed by adults – might seem rather antiquated and juvenile. Or it might seem like the best idea ever. It kind of depends.…

3 Pillars of Mental Health in the Workplace

Happy Worker
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Workplace cultures that afford employees solid work-life boundaries, equity in the workplace, recognition for their efforts, and reward for a job well done engender good mental health among employees and managers alike.

The Mental

Going Gray: Will Gray Hair Hurt Or Help Your Career?

Gray Hair
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Does gray hair on a woman symbolize professional experience, an antiquated skill set, both or neither? Whatever gray hair means for professional women, like it or not, it certainly has an impact on perception …

7 Terrible First Day of Work Stories

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It’s easy to make mistakes on your first day at new job. But that doesn’t make missteps any less upsetting. However, these tales of first days gone horribly wrong should help you put your bad …

Is Guilt Making You a Better Employee?

Worker feeling guilt
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Are feelings of guilt driving you to show up to work on that first nice day of spring or when a friend comes in town with surprise tickets to a baseball game?

If you’re …

Job Stress is Literally Killing Us

Job Stress
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Pedro Figueras

According to a Stanford professor, job stress accounts for 120,000 excess deaths every year in the United States.

Stanford business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer says that the stress associated with American workplaces leads to 120,000 …