Super Bowl Ads Show Changing Gender Roles at Home and at Work

This year's Super Bowl commercials were all about the dad-vertising. Social media spheres were in a complete uproar over the latest string of ads featuring dads who were caring for their children -- swimming, potty-training, brushing hair, comforting, and hugging. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, according to more than one post.

5 Jobs That Pay Well, But May Not Be Fulfilling

Some jobs don’t offer warm fuzzies, but they do give you a fat paycheck. If having that comfortable income is a priority for you, and you can find meaning in other aspects of your life, then here are some careers you might want to consider.

Sqeeqee: Turning Social Networking Into Dollars and Cents

Do you have a large social media following and wonder how you can make a few bucks off of your social influence? Well, one company claims to help you do just that. Sqeeqee (pronounced "squeaky") is a new social networking platform that provides a way for its users to monetize their social media sites through shared ad revenues.

5 Career Lessons From the Ladies of “Mad Men”

The critically acclaimed television series "Mad Men" captures the essence of what work life was like in the 1960s -- marital affairs, mini bars in each executive's office, smoking indoors, segregation, and gender inequalities. Over the course of the show, the women of "Mad Men" break down the barriers that confine them in the home and in the workplace. Let's take a look at the inspiring career lessons that these courageous ladies have taught us over the years.

Facebook to ‘Kill’ Yahoo?

Yahoo had better watch its back: Facebook has reportedly created a product that goes after Yahoo's lucrative and vast user base. Read on for more about this breakthrough tool and how it will revolutionize advertising.

Mad Men: Are They Making Mad Money?

From naughty secretaries in tight, red dresses to sexist, chain-smoking account executives, the TV drama Mad Men has fans all a flutter about 1960s culture. Right down to single malt scotch during meetings, Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper ad agency …