7 Jobs That Make #CyberMonday Possible

When Cyber Monday rolls around, most of us unabashedly take advantage of Cyber Monday deals across the web, enjoying the deep discounts and same-day shipping. In the last few years, Cyber Monday has become a more acceptable version of Black …

Amazon Prime Air Pilots Protest Working Conditions

Last week, a billboard truck rolled by Amazon’s corporate HQ in Seattle. Its rotating messages read: “No Amazon Prime Air Without Pilots,” “Don’t Ground Prime Air” and “Prime(d) for Disaster.”

The protest isn’t inspired by Amazon directly, but by the …

Amazon Reveals Pay Data After All, Shows Virtually No Gender Pay Gap

Earlier this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission rejected Amazon's request to keep their pay data private, after Arjuna Capital filed a shareholder resolution to request that data. Yesterday, Amazon announced that it will share pay data – and that women at the company currently make 99.9 cents for every dollar male employees earn. Amazon also revealed that minority employees make 100.1 cents for every dollar earned by white employees.