The 5 Best Jobs for Introverts

The modern workplace can be a nightmare for introverts, with its focus on collaboration and open-plan offices. If you're a person who dreads team projects and public speaking and gets more of a thrill out of canceling plans to attend a networking function than penciling it into the calendar, one of these jobs from PayScale's Best Jobs for You data package might be perfect for you.

Revolva vs. Oprah: Should You Ever Work for Free?

In a perfect world, everyone with the passion, skill, and willingness to work hard would have his or her dream job -- and a dream salary to match. Reality, of course, is often quite different. But there's a world of difference between making less than you want (or even less than you're worth) and making nothing at all. And yet, for people in the arts, this is often the pitch: work for nothing, hoping that exposure or another project for your portfolio will lead you to real, paying work down the road. The question, of course, is whether or not it's ever worth it to do so. After all, you can't pay the rent with exposure.

Art Careers – Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

Name: Patrick Howe
Job Title: Artist, art gallery owner, art instructor
Where: Seattle, WA
Current Employer: Self
Years of Experience: 7
Relevant Work Experience: I have exhibited my artwork widely in galleries and museums. I have also taught art for many years. I was the head preparator for the Portland Art Museum. In the past I have worked in ad agencies as a creative director and award-winning art director.
Education: BFA from the Museum Art School (now PCNA) in Portland, OR, 1974.
Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find art occupations and salaries.

Art Careers - Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

Many artists struggle to find a balance between work and art, wondering if they should get a day job, become a commercial artist, or focus on a fine art career. Before committing to the life of an artist, many want to know: can you really make a career as an artist? According to this Salary Story, the answer is yes, but it won't necessarily be easy. Patrick Howe, an artist, art instructor and owner of a Seattle art gallery, describes how he made the leap from toiling at a day job to doing what he loves. If you're a struggling artist or just want to know more about art careers, don't miss Patrick's advice on what it takes to create a successful fine art career.

Celebrity Photographer Salary

Celebrity Photographer: A Paparazza Confession

Is a photo what motivates people to read celebrity gossip magazines?

If there were a list of most hated professions, paparazzi might earn the top spot. Few people besides telemarketers earn wrath like these professionals.…

Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

Name: Dustin Evans
Job Title: Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator)
Where: Tulsa, OK
Employer: Disney, IDW Publishing, Viper Comics, Ape Entertainment, SLG Graphics
Years of Experience: 4
Education: BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Oklahoma State University

Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

Are you interested in becoming a comic book artist?  Look no further, comic book artist Dustin Evans has come to the rescue! In this Salary Story, you'll learn how to be a comic book artist and about the factors that affect a comic book artist salary. The wacky adventures of a comic book artist are just moments away; keep reading!

Graphic Designer Salaries

Name: David Grey
Job Title: Graphic Designer
Where: Troy, NY
Employer: Self-Employed  
Years of Experience: 8
Education: BA - Psychology, Tufts University, MFA - Graphic Design, California Institute of Art
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median graphic designer salaries.

Graphic Designer Salaries

What is a graphic designer? What is the average yearly income of a graphic designer? These are questions we hear quite a bit at Salary Stories. Thus, we turned to graphic designer David Grey to give us a clear picture on what is required to become a graphic designer, factors that affect graphic designer salaries, the life of a freelance designer and more!

He filled us in on the education needed to become a graphic designer, how he built his graphic designer resume, and the differences in the average yearly income of a graphic designer per location.

David explained that working as a graphic designer allows him to be creative on a daily basis. When asked what he likes best about his job, exercising his creativity and working for a variety of clients were at the top of his list. For anyone interested in learning more about this creative position, plus graphic designer salaries and benefits, this interview is a must-read!