8 Ways You May be Annoying Your Co-workers (Without Realizing it!)

With so many people working in cramped cubicles, sharing offices and work stations; it’s relatively easy to find yourself annoying your neighboring colleagues. This happens often without knowledge, but over time the things that you initially found endearing about your co-workers begin to irritate you too. Those little habits that you stick to daily at the office are now causing your co-workers to avoid you, but you may not realize this at first. In fact, while you may be complaining about the annoyances of your co-workers, chances are they are also complaining about you around the office cooler without your personal knowledge.

Getting Rid of Your Company’s Bad Habits

Every company has a list of bad habits that just slowly and quietly make their way into business operations and go unnoticed by employees until one day a client or investor embarrassingly points one out. How can businesses get rid of these pesky behaviors?