Don’t Let Business Travel Stress You Out

The first time I had a work trip, I found myself waiting on a busy street in Chicago, cursing the lack of cabs during rush hour. After nearly barfing up my spleen running for my flight, I swore that I’d …

5 Ways to Eat Well on a Business Trip

If you travel for work, you know that one of the most trying aspects of being on the road is finding halfway healthy food. During the fall and winter, when defenses are down and cold and flu run rampant, it's even more important to eat well.

TripIt Pro: Say Goodbye to the Middle Seat

If you travel for business, you know how important it is to be relatively comfortable while you fly. For most of us, this depends on choosing our seats well. The long-legged, for example, often prefer to sit in an aisle seat; those who enjoy a mid-flight nap often want the window, where their travel pillow fits perfectly between their shoulder and the wall. And almost no one wants the middle seat, which pretty much guarantees that you'll arrive at your destination rumpled and annoyed, instead of ready to wheel and deal. Fortunately, there's a 21st-century solution to this age-problem.

Airbnb Stays Declared Illegal In New York City

Airbnb, the popular online community marketplace that allows you to rent out your home to travelers, has been ruled illegal in New York City by an administrative law judge despite efforts from the web service to persuade the city not to do so. PayScale investigates why this happened to one of the Internet's biggest recent success stories and what it means for business travelers.