Switching Gears: Learning to Plan Your Career Change With Karen Okulicz [interview]

If you are stuck in a work rut or have been out of a job and can't seem to find a position in your field, it might be time to consider a career change. I recently interviewed author Karen Okulicz, who, after having to navigate the world of unemployment herself, now offers advice on how professionals can make a successful career transition. She's written three books on the subject: "Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment," "Decide! How to Make Any Decision," and "Attitude! For Your Best Lived Life."

Dear Career Women: Our Jobs Are Making Us Ugly

Good news, working women. Not only do we have to worry about whether our jobs are paying us as much as our male counterparts and the possibility that our jobs may be making us fat, but we also have something else to worry about. And this one is crucial and will directly affect our dating lives, our chances of finding a man to marry us, and even our children. Who knew working could be such a damaging part of our lives?

Coming Closer to Pay Parity for Women

The Equal Pay Act outlawed employers from gender-discriminatory pay practices in 1963, but pay still isn't entirely equal. Now, legislation seeks to expand existing law to enact more protections against male-female pay disparities. Fed up, women are "leaning in" hard on this one, which means the Paycheck Fairness Act, twice rejected by Congress, might now stand a better chance of becoming law.