5 Frugal Celebrities to Emulate on Pay Day

Few things are sweeter than Pay Day. Whether it's every other week, the first and 15th, or every Friday, you've got that day more carefully locked in your head than your Mom's birthday. It's how you gauge whether to get that second happy-hour drink, or whether it's going to keep you from making rent. But wouldn't it be lovely if we didn't always have to live paycheck to paycheck? You may dream of that day when you're making celebrity money and don't have to do that — but maybe it's possible right now.

Make Your Career Dreams a Reality; These 5 Famous Moms Did

Working Mother magazine recently published an article that highlighted the inspiring stories of 25 celebrity mothers who chose to reinvent themselves mid-career to pursue new endeavors, which proved to be just as inspiring as they are prosperous. Read on to see how reinvention isn’t just for the rich and famous, it can also be your reality, too.

The Productivity Hacker Tim Ferriss Shares His Tips

We recently had the opportunity to interview Tim Ferriss, one of the most productive people on Earth and author of The 4 Hour Work Week, The 4 Hour Body, and The 4 Hour Chef. Since we all could use a little more productivity in our lives, here are some pro tips from the master himself: