Are You in the Right Career?

No matter if you’ve been on your career path five minutes or five years, you might at some point wonder if you’re doing the right thing for yourself.

Doubting your choice of career is OK! Many people change careers throughout …

Too Many Workers Are Still Scared to Change Jobs

Gone are the days when workers could hope to stay at one company for their entire career, retiring with a gold watch (and maybe even a pension). But that doesn’t mean that workers have become as fickle as employers — …

6 Emotions You’ll Experience During a Job Change

Leaving one job to pursue another can be a bittersweet time in your career. On one hand, you're glad that you have this new, promising opportunity lying ahead, but it's also scary and unfamiliar. You may even struggle with feelings of guilt and sadness as you leave your current employer and co-workers behind. However, making the switch from one job to another doesn't have to be an emotional roller coaster, if you know what to expect. Here are six emotions you're probably going to experience during this transitional phase in your career.