5 Resources to Help You Plan Your Gap Year

Earlier this month, we learned that Malia Obama, oldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, will attend Harvard University, but only after first taking a gap year (also known as a bridge year). This type of educational trajectory has traditionally been more common in Europe, but Harvard actually encourages the practice, and around 100 of their students choose to take advantage of the option each year.

Programs That Promise Jobs for Grads Remind Us That a Degree Isn’t a Guarantee

Much of the next election will be centered around which candidate can provide the best path for new jobs and a growing economy. Some candidates have promised 4 percent growth every year. Others say the answer lies in massive government spending on infrastructure repair. Now, a group of U.S. companies has decided not to wait for the next president: they call themselves the 100K Opportunities Initiative.

Elizabeth Warren to Education Department: Protect Student Loan Borrowers

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been making plenty of headlines over the past few months. Between a grassroots campaign (unsuccessfully) demanding her run for president; a spat with Jamie Dimon, the head of JPMorgan Chase; and the demand for student loan reform, she continues to assert herself as a progressive champion. But is there hard data to vindicate the ideals that have garnered her a cult following?

5 Tips for Accepting College Rejections

It can be really difficult to cope with disappointment when you have your heart set on something. For a lot of young people, the first really big letdown of life comes with being denied by their college of choice. Also, it's common for students to have a difficult time coping with the admissions process when they receive rejection letters from a number of schools. This can make it feel as though plans A-G are out, and a new vision must take shape instead, which is a trying process. All of the disappointment can be really tough to take, but there is a bright side and it's all going to be okay. Here are some tips to help you through.