Are Your Emails Sending the Wrong Message?

Over 100 billion business-related emails are sent and received every day, according to a report released by The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm. The same report also declares that emails are and will remain the most popular and …

5 Things You Should Never Communicate Through Email

When email first emerged as a productivity tool, the hope was that it would make communication more efficient, allowing us to spend less time getting our point across. However, we underestimated humankind’s ability to fill up time saved with the …

Why You Get Stuck in Conflicts at Work, According to a Harvard Negotiation Expert

Why do even rational people get embroiled in conflicts they can't solve? The root cause, says Daniel Shapiro, founder and director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program, is an adversarial mindset called the Tribes Effect, in which conflicts turn into "me versus you, us versus them."

"People think, 'Let's just be rational and we can resolve our differences, we can resolve our conflict,'" Shapiro says. "Not true. Unless you deal with the core psychology to the conflict, the mindset that's driving you and the other side in the conflict, unless you deal with that, the conflict will persist."

When Your Boss Just Won’t Listen

It is very frustrating when you talk to your boss and he or she won't listen. Your repeated attempts at getting your thoughts across fall on deaf years and you don't feel respected or valued. If this is a problem you face at work, then you might need to change your approach to communicating.