2-Year College Degrees That Pay Over $70k

You don’t have to attend a four-year school if you want to earn a decent salary later on in life. And, just because there is a lot of hype out there about four-year degrees, doesn’t mean you should discount a …

What We Know So Far About Obama’s Plan for Free Community College

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled his plan to offer eligible college students two years of community college for free. More information about the America's College Promise proposal will be revealed today, alongside an American Technical Training Fund proposal, which would expand technical training programs that meet employer's needs and prepare more Americans for higher paying jobs. Here's what we know about the plan right now.

8 Alternatives to a 4-Year Degree

Life after high school or at a time of transition is like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and sometimes seeing that you have choices is all that matters. Here’s a list of ideas that will jump-start your brainstorming if traditional college is not for you.

Free Community College — But at a Cost

How much is a free two-year degree worth? That's the question facing the state of Tennessee. Gov. Bill Haslam's "Tennessee Promise" program offers to pick up community college tuition bills for anything other aid doesn't cover -- at the cost of about $1.1 million of scholarships to four-year schools.

A Bachelor’s Degree — From a Community College?

Community college used to be where students went to start their academic career, often for less money than they'd pay to attend a four-year school. If you wanted vocational training, or a degree that would transfer to another, longer program, community college was the place to start. But in California, at least, community colleges might soon offer four-year programs -- in high-demand concentrations.