Forget About Wages, It’s About Pay Ratios

Anyone who has ever had a boss plead poverty as an excuse for not giving raises, or even paying living wages, needs to read this article. The United States of America has no regulations regarding the difference between lowest and highest paid employees and CEOs of companies. That means people who pay minimum wages with no benefits to workers are free to set six figure take-home salaries for themselves, and it happens all too often. The fight to reverse this growing gap is starting.

Boost Your Pay: Create a Sample Compensation Package

In the dog-eat-dog world of getting hired these days, you may feel like taking the next job offer that comes your way. And, perhaps, that’s a good idea. But, the moment you say “Yes” to a new gig, you’re in a powerful position to set your future earnings and benefits. And, since salary budgets have shrunk at most companies, benefits are a great way to make up for a smaller paycheck.

Would you like to work from home sometimes? How many vacation weeks do you want? How much do you value having a 401K?

A great way to prep for a salary and benefits negotiation is to create a sample compensation package that reflects your wishes. In fact, you can create more than one sample compensation package so that you can respond intelligently to any changes during the negotiation.