5 Reasons to Start a Book Club at Work

We know a lot about our co-workers: what they like to eat and drink, what music they’re into, and what they like to read. In fact, these interests often become the basis of our workplace conversations. Maker of trendy eyewear Warby Parker noted a shared passion for reading amongst employees and decided to make book clubs an official component of the company’s culture. It’s been a win for everyone involved. Here’s why.

How to Strike a Balance Between Hierarchy and Creativity

Do you like clear expectations and a known chain of command, or do you prefer a more free environment at work? While hierarchy can seem to stifle creativity, we cannot simply throw all order out the window. At the same time, we don't want to miss out on the creativity of workers. Ideally, there's a way to benefit from both.

How to Manage Creative Yet Difficult Employees

Sometimes your most creative employees can get pretty moody, other times their behaviour is simply erratic, and every once in awhile you come across their sheer arrogance. The only problem is that these employees are so talented, you can't just let them go. How can you figure out how to manage these creative, yet often-difficult employees?