Cubicles Have to Go

The world is changing faster than ever, yet there are still some antiquated features of our society that haven't quite caught up to modern times. In order to stay relevant and continue to grow in the 21st century, individuals and companies need to be flexible, and they need to change. A good place to start might just be the office set-up itself – more specifically, the cubicles. Here are a few reasons why cube-world doesn't have a place in the professional universe of the future.

How Cubicles Became a Symbol of Workers’ Discontent

Hate your office cubicle? Science backs you up. In a research paper, Harvard Business School doctoral candidate Ethan S. Bernstein found support for a "transparency paradox," in which job performance declines as workers become more visible to managers. In other words, most modern offices are a disaster from a productivity standpoint. But is the cubicle, specifically, so deserving of our ire?

Open-Plan Offices Are the Worst (Says a Study)

All the hype about open workspaces is finally being refuted, thanks to a little study that found open floorplans to be detrimental to productivity. We’ll examine the facts to see how workstation “openness” results in many employees feeling exposed, rather than liberated.