Hit a Lull in Productivity? Blame Circadian Rhythms

Have you ever noticed that you hit the wall at work around the same time every day? It's not just because you had a big lunch, or didn't get enough sleep last night. Some times of day are just better for productivity than others. It might have to with our circadian rhythms. Read on to see what times of the day your body and mind are most alert, and when you just need to call it quits.

10 Ways to Drive Your Co-workers Insane

Some days, it can be difficult enough to hang out in an office all day. It’s an even more difficult duty when you work with someone who has an annoying habit, and by no means do you want to be the person in the office that gets on everyone’s nerves. If you don't want to be the cause of your co-workers' insanity, you may want to refrain from the following activities.

Refocus and Find a Purpose to Eliminate Distractions

Work distractions are an endless pool of clicks that can lead you into hours of unproductivity. This can often start when we set out to complete quick tasks, like replying to a myriad of emails or checking in on social media posts. However, these quick tasks and coinciding distractions take away from larger, more meaningful tasks that are burning holes in our to-do lists.