Love Animals? Try One of These Pet-Loving Jobs!

Animal-Friendly Jobs
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You love dogs, cats, and everything in between. Why not take your love of animals up a notch and work in a field that’s animal friendly, too?

You don’t have to be a dog catcher …

How Can I Take My Dog to Work?

Maybe your office doesn't have a dog policy, but there's no rule against it, either. Of course, you can't just show up with Fido in tow and announce that he's the new intern. You need your boss and co-workers to approve of your plan first. Here are some tips to getting your dog on the "approved visitors" list.

Employee Monitoring: Justifiable Security Measure or Overly Orwellian?

Remember that time you worked yourself into a hypochondriac frenzy, and wound up spending the whole afternoon at the office surfing WebMD and trying to figure out if people get cholera anymore? As it turns out, Bill the IT guy — or even your CEO — may have been assessing your risks at the same time in a very different way for very different reasons.

Fido Friday is Wagtastic

Tomorrow is Fido Friday at PayScale and the office will be full of four-legged coworkers. It's basically the greatest day in the history of days.