Dress Codes Are Dumb…Or Are They?

Dress Codes
Image Credit: Pexels / pixabay.com

The idea of a dress code at a place of business – staffed by adults – might seem rather antiquated and juvenile. Or it might seem like the best idea ever. It kind of depends.…

How to Get Away With Sandals at Work

It's beginning to look a lot like summer, even in the dreariest and coldest reaches this side of the equator, and you're feeling like you can finally ditch the heavy boots and give your feet some breathing room. So how can you let your tootsies out in the open without getting the stink eye at work? There are some factors to keep in mind before you roll up with your beach favorites on your feet, but thankfully, most workplaces are relaxed enough these days to allow for some sandal wearing (even Emily Post says so).

The Dress Code Debate: Are Mandals Affecting Your Performance?

For the northern regions of this country, summer is an especially sacred time: by April, 50-degree weather is impetus for shorts and a t-shirt, whereas Los Angeles folks are still bundled up in the low-to-mid 70s. That said, when summer heat rolls around, it can be especially tempting to take advantage of those fashion mistakes that society will justify in July. If you're an employee of HP, however, they just became much more than a simple faux pas.

The Power of Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie

Your CEO walks into the Monday meeting, dressed for business -- which, in his case, is a hoodie and jeans, or athletic apparel, or some other casual outfit that you'd usually reserve for washing the car or taking out the trash. Does this mean he's less professional than the average C-level executive -- or does it mean that he's just confident, and higher status?

What’s Trending on Twitter? #SFOCrash #AmandaBynes #Hyperloop

This week's Twitter roundup recaps three trending topics that have caused quit a buzz: #SFOCrash, #AmandaBynes, and #Hyperloop. Why should you, as a professional, keep hitting the refresh button on your Twitter feed? Well, somewhere among the snark and the manic updates, you might just find some timely lessons to apply to your career. Read on to find out how the above trending hashtags relate to having a career back-up plan, what is and isn't appropriate workplace attire, and eliminating the stress of your morning commute.