Much Ado About Black Pants

If you work for a company with a business-casual dress code that doesn't allow jeans, you have a dilemma on your hands: what to wear that looks professional, is comfortable, and goes with just about anything? Many women solve this problem with black dress pants. At least one style expert would like us to stop.

No Mohawks Allowed

Just in case you thought your company’s rules prohibiting you from wearing your fuzzy bath robe and requiring daily hairbrushing were intrusive and overbearing, Abercrombie & Fitch’s “Look Policy Guidelines” may give you a run for your money. And while a ban on extreme hair and large earrings may seem really, really bizarre, Abercrombie isn’t the only company with weird dress code rules.

3 Tips for Creating a Work Wardrobe on the Cheap

Even in this post-formal business attire age, most of us are forced to dress slightly differently for work than we would for, say, hanging around our house watching Netflix. The worst part is that work attire generally doesn't come cheap. So what's a frugal professional to do?

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Work-Appropriate’ Makeup?

Most work dress codes boil down to common sense: if you know anything about the culture of your company, you pretty much know whether or not you can get away with flip-flops during the summer or jeans on Fridays. But once you get past clothing and on to things like makeup and hair, corporate grooming standards are harder to figure out.

Summer Dress Code: Do We Really Have to Wear Pantyhose?

At some companies, the dress code is, essentially, "Please be dressed when you come in to code." At others, well, the only way you can tell you're not on the set of "Mad Men" is that everyone has a computer. This causes quite a bit of debate during the summer months, when the usual business attire starts to look less like a charming nod to the past and more like punishment. For working women, the real question is, "Do we still have to wear pantyhose when it's 80 degrees outside?"