Unemployment Is Down, So Where Are the Wages?

If you've been waiting for a fatter paycheck to find you in 2015, so far the news has been discouraging. Unemployment rates are down, which is exciting news, but we still haven't seen an improvement in wages. Here's why a lower unemployment rate hasn't translated to higher pay -- yet.

3 Tips for Unemployed Workers Over 50

It’s no secret that if you are over 50 and job searching, you will likely have a more difficult time than your younger counterparts in getting hired. There are a few simple steps you can take, however, that can help boost your chances of landing your next job.

3 Reasons Interns Are Not Entry-Level Employees

Aside from the ongoing debate whether internships are legitimate opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience or just opportunities for companies to obtain cheap labor, another question being considered is whether or not interns are entry-level employees.

Slacker vs. Creative: Why You Can’t Work 9 to 5

Although there are probably thousands of people working 9-to-5s who will tell you they don’t particularly enjoy their jobs, research indicates that creative types struggle with the standard workday more than regular employees. And then there are those who just have a difficult time working at all. Are you too creative for your job, or are you just a slacker? Here are a few signs to help you figure it out.

Your Boss and Your Creepy Ex May Have Something in Common

With all of its conveniences, technology has its drawbacks. Sometimes, those drawbacks are disturbing and might actually affect our work lives. So, while that creepy ex-girlfriend or -boyfriend’s stalkerish ways have scared you out of checking in anywhere on Foursquare, there may be another person, very close to you, who is monitoring your whereabouts. And, much like creepy McCreep from your past, you may not even know about it and he or she doesn’t have to tell you.

3 Most Important Rules for Working Teens

If you're a teenager with a job -- or a family member of an employed teen -- you should be aware of the protections offered by The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938. The FLSA mandates restrictions on child labor. Individual states have additional youth labor rules and regulations; any time the federal and state laws disagree, the law that provides the most protection for young workers applies.