Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Professional Mermaid

Professional mermaid-ing is a highly specialized, fiercely competitive job that's swimming with a school of inner child-thrilling rewards, pun most definitely intended. Depending on a mermaid's employer, location, and experience, job perks can include working with children, wearing incredibly ornate uniforms, getting paid to dance underwater, and swimming with jellyfish (and sometimes sharks) on a routine basis. Though mermaid gigs are largely unadvertised, there are a surprisingly large number of opportunities to fashion a career as a real-life Ariel.

Revolva vs. Oprah: Should You Ever Work for Free?

In a perfect world, everyone with the passion, skill, and willingness to work hard would have his or her dream job -- and a dream salary to match. Reality, of course, is often quite different. But there's a world of difference between making less than you want (or even less than you're worth) and making nothing at all. And yet, for people in the arts, this is often the pitch: work for nothing, hoping that exposure or another project for your portfolio will lead you to real, paying work down the road. The question, of course, is whether or not it's ever worth it to do so. After all, you can't pay the rent with exposure.

Celebrity Photographer Salary

Celebrity Photographer: A Paparazza Confession

Is a photo what motivates people to read celebrity gossip magazines?

If there were a list of most hated professions, paparazzi might earn the top spot. Few people besides telemarketers earn wrath like these professionals.…

Get a Glamorous Job at QVC: Host Salaries and More

Cooing at the sparkle of a diamond bracelet, answering questions about holiday flatware and pushing laptops designed for the whole family – are these job skills? Absolutely. Welcome to the wild, live world of a QVC TV host.

These bright-smiled folks seem to fascinate viewers. Could they have one of the most fun jobs around? It's likely that plenty of people have watched QVC (I'm raising my hand. You can, too) and thought, "Heck, I could do that. I wonder what it’s like and how much they make?" So, I decided to do some investigative reporting and look into QVC host salaries, job duties, and what other jobs are available at QVC.

Hollywood Writer Salaries, Hollywood Writer’s Wages: Why They Are On Strike

You may have heard that members of the Writer's Guild are on strike, but it's not just Hollywood writer salaries that are in jeopardy. According to, non-writing staff members of TV shows are being shown the door. NBC recently laid off the entire production staff of the Tonight Show and workers were told that their jobs might not be there after the strike. Fortunately, Jay Leno has said that he'll pay their salaries.

On the east coast, TV show staffs are also being affected by the writer's strike. Like Leno, late night talker Conan O'Brien is paying, out of his own pocket, the salaries of nearly 80 non-writing staffers and the Hollywood writer salaries of his joke scribes (the AFP reports). Why are the writers striking? What is at stake for Hollywood writer salaries?  Keep reading!

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Talk Show Host Salary: The Top Talkers

Getting paid millions to talk is about the easiest job out there, but getting there is another matter. Forbes recently covered the topic of talk show host salary. You may be surprised to learn that the largest talk show host salary belongs to Howard Stern. The outrageous radio show host receives $500 million salary per his 5-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition to his talk show host salary, Howard received a bonus of 22.1 million company shares, reportedly valued at $82.9 million, bringing his total income (last year) to $302 million!

In second place is the more palatable Oprah Winfrey, who earned $225 million, but that wasn't all based on her talk show host salary. The popular daytime gabber has several sources of income: Her talk show, weekly XM Satellite Radio show, part-ownership of Rachel Ray's syndicated daily talk show and a voice-over role in the latest film adaptation of Charlotte’s Web; that doesn't count her magazine, books and other Oprah-related merchandise.

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Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

Name: Lynn Hasty
Job Title: Founder/Owner/Publicist Green Galactic
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Years of Experience: 13
Salary: $60,000
Employer: Green Galactic (Self)

Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

Do you love working with people, promoting arts and entertainment, or supporting creative projects? Being a Hollywood Publicist sounds glamorous, but as publicist Lynn Hasty told us in a recent interview, it's all about "making friends." We asked Lynn about a publicist's salary, publicist career descriptions, the duties of a publicist, and what jobs for publicists are really like. If you're interested in public relations, a publicist career or publicist salaries, keep reading! 

Hollywood Publicist Job Description:

My work as a publicist includes helping clients get themselves or their product or service into the media: print, online, radio, TV. I deal with Arts & Entertainment-type clients and campaigns. In working with basically unknown artists, I interact with the media, to help educate, enlighten, promote and publicize. Hopefully, I get to work with a client on an ongoing basis so that we can achieve these tasks over time.