Join Us for Equal Power Day at PayScale HQ

Last year, PayScale hosted its first ever Equal Pay Day event. The event involved over 150 local men and women, plus thousands on Facebook who tuned in to the panel discussion we broadcasted live on Facebook.

We’re doing it again, …

Introducing #RestingBizFace

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You’re not bitchy. You’re busy. But try to explain that to (some of) your coworkers, who insist on treating a serious expression like a snarl.

This isn’t unique to the workplace, of course. Just ask …

Yes, the Gender Pay Gap Is Real, and No, It’s Not Women’s Fault

Women don't ask, so they don't get. Or: women should wait their turn, and let karma sort it out. Or: women choose low-paying jobs, and/or work fewer hours, so they shouldn't expect to be paid as much as a man. There's just one problem with all of these explanations for why the gender pay gap isn't real, or at least, isn't really an issue that needs solving: they're all nonsense.

These Terrible #EqualPayDay Tweets Will Make You Cringe

Even though research and data from multiple organizations have found that there is in fact a significant gender pay gap in America, not everyone believes in numbers. And with the power of the internet and the hashtag #EqualPayDay, we get to see how some people really feel about the gender pay gap and equal pay for women. Hold on to your unicorns, people, because the debate starts ... now.

Video: Equal Pay Day and Candy Bars

On average, U.S. women make $.74 on the dollar compared to men.

Some studies say more, and some less. But the fact that women earn less than men in general is not a myth; it's an inarguable fact.

That said, it's a fact that's used out of context or misunderstood. A lot.

While it's true that, typically, women make less than men for doing the same jobs, that discrepancy is not nearly as large as the $.74 to the dollar figure. This oft-cited figure comes from the fact that men and women tend to hold different jobs.