Can Your Employer Make You Work Out?

Lots of employers offer health plans that give you some financial incentive for making healthy lifestyle choices, like quitting smoking or joining a gym. These are sometimes considered perks, touted as great reasons to choose Company A over Company B. …

5 Ways to Work Out at the Office

Before your New Year's resolutions get pushed to the side, here's a chance to combat your winter sloth, without a gym membership! There are plenty of ways to incorporate a fitness routine into your workday that won't alarm your co-workers and won't break the bank, either. Try a few of these quick exercise ideas and you may also find that your energy improves, along with your mood.

3 Tools and 5 Exercises That Combat Sitting All Day

Of course, sitting is bad for your health. We are all well aware of this fact. Also, it feels crummy. Sitting all day at the desk in your office, (9.3 hours a day on average, to be exact), takes a toll. You try to sneak in a quick walk when you can, but that just isn't possible on a regular basis. Luckily, you aren't alone in your desire to move a little more and sit a little less at work. In fact, finding ways to combat the chronic immobility of the workplace is a popular topic now, and there are a lot of great tools and ideas out there to help you get moving.

5 Ways to Work Out at Work

By this point in the winter, most everyone but diehard athletes have given up on exercising, pending the first warm days that signify an end to sweater season. But of course, the benefits of working out are all year long, and include everything from stress relief to improved cardiovascular health. So how can you fit in exercise, without dragging your weary self to the gym?

3 Jobs That Burn Calories

Those of us who sit for a living are well-aware of how fitness-deficient our jobs tend to be. But some people don't have to worry about squeezing in exercise; their jobs burn all the calories they need.

A 7-Minute, Whole-Body Workout You Can Do in Your Office

Do you have a gym membership, and if so, do you use it? Most of us sign up with the best of intentions, but now use that key fob to access the smoothie bar or do a furtive 20 minutes on the treadmill every few weeks. We're too busy at work to fit in fitness, even if we know it would do us -- and our productivity -- a lot of good. Fortunately, it turns out, we don't have to leave the office to get in a workout.