Get Over Your Fear of Failure

JD Hancock/Flickr

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or don’t. Fear of failure has both benefits and detriments, and it can be overcome.

Having some fear of failure is ok! Really! But moving past it is what’s going to help …

Avoid These 4 Common Career Regrets

We’d all love to live a life free from regrets. Ideally, we’d focus on the fact that we wouldn’t be who we are today if we’d made different choices in the past. Some days, that’s easier than others.

What’s always …

Could a Little FOMO Be a Good Thing for Your Career?

FOMO (or fear of missing out) is a very real feeling that your friends are having fun without you. When that fear creeps into our work lives from our personal lives, it takes the form of envy: somewhere out there, someone's career is advancing faster than your own. But could those (let's face it, kind of ugly) feelings of FOMO actually help inspire you?

Why Fear Success?

It may seem completely counterintuitive, but one of the greatest obstacles to success is often fear that we may succeed. It's that petrified stagnation that prevents us from looking for another job, pursuing advancement, and even taking actions we know will bring about change. Perhaps we've become so accustomed to failure that the idea of success is unbelievable. We don't want to get our hopes up, and we may also fear the side effects that would come with success.