On the Silver Screen: Film Producer Annual Salary

Name: Brendan Davis
Job Title: Film Producer-Director
Where: Santa Monica, CA
Years of Experience: A lifetime, really – but it’s paid the bills for two years
Salary: Varies per project (See PayScale's Average Film Producer Annual Salary)
Employer: Tangible Entertainment (Self)
Education: BA, Film and Television (with a minor in Psych – very important!): Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

What is a Film Producer?

What is a film producer? Well, my job is to find and develop material from which – in my opinion – can be created an artistically and commercially viable project, a hit movie. Then I plan and oversee all aspects of taking that project from the page to the silver screen and making it happen. This entails making or overseeing all major decisions involved in the process (both creative and technical). A typical film producer work schedule is hectic!