Young Bankers Are Very Unhappy, and Here’s Why

Unless you're in finance, you probably can't imagine being excited to hear that you get one whole day a week off. But that's the position employees of Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch found themselves in recently, when their companies unveiled new policies that would require them to take off four days a month. Bankers, especially junior employees, regularly work over 100 hours a week. But that's only one reason they're miserable.

Why Are Accounting Jobs So Hard to Fill?

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the economy more complex, the demands of top professions have become broader and more nuanced. That's certainly true for accounting and finance jobs, which now require so much more than rote number crunching. But that change in expectations makes it difficult for companies to fill those roles.

Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries

Name: Misty Cargill
Job Title: Financial Controller
Where: Woodland, CA
Employer: Resonant Sonic International, Inc.
Years of Experience: 10
Education: BS Accounting - University of Phoenix
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median financial controller and other accounting salaries.

Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries

You've probably heard of financial controllers, but may not be able to recite a financial controller job description off the top of your head. In this Salary Story, we crunched the numbers with Misty Cargill who is a financial controller in California.

She opened the books on how to become a financial controller, factors that can affect accounting salaries and the daily tasks of today's financial controller. For more info on a career that really adds up, keep reading!