How To Find the Perfect Summer Internship

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If you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, and you haven’t found one yet, now is the time to get serious in your search. And if you’re looking for the ideal fit, there …

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Still Matters

LinkedIn is a little different than other social networks, which offer news, community, and sometimes cute cat photos, but lack the laser focus on professionals and the recruiters and companies that hire them. Still, for overscheduled social media users, the question remains: "If I'm on X,Y, and Z social networks already, do I need to go to the time and trouble of creating (and perfecting) a LinkedIn profile, as well?" Here's why the answer is yes.

Use PayScale’s Best Jobs for You Tool to Find Your Dream Job

Choosing a job is never an easy task, whether you’re a fresh-faced student deciding on a field of study or an experienced professional thinking about your next big career move. PayScale’s new Best Jobs for You tool is here to make that decision a lot easier. This new tool allows you to comb through our immense career database to find a job that matches your preferences, experience and education levels and earns the salary you want.

3 Ways to Master Your Job Searching on Twitter

Twitter may not seem like a viable source for landing a job, but with the privacy settings and restrictions that come with LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter’s free-for-all platform may be your saving grace for connecting with your future employer.

The State of Social Recruiting and Why You Should Care

Employers are ditching their conventional hiring practices for a more convenient and practical way to locate, screen, and hire candidates – through social media. Take a look at which social networks recruiters are utilizing and why social recruiting is important to your career.

3 Hiring Tips for Newbies

When your new company starts to grow and it's time to start hiring new employees, you might start banging your head against the wall because the process is just no fun. Alex Schiff, the founder of Freshnotes, recently found himself in the same position and had to learn all about the hiring process the hard way. For other budding companies, Schiff has provided a few tips he learned along the way.