Personal Trainer to Personal Training Studio Manager

Name: Duncan Sailors
Job Title: Personal Training Studio Manager / Personal Trainer
Years of Experience: 5 years
Where: West Seattle, WA
Current Employer: West Seattle Fitness Together (full-time), CrossFit Seattle (part-time)
Education: BS, University of Washington; ACE certified personal trainer; Crossfit Level 1 certified, Crossfit Endurance Level 1 certified
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a personal trainer


Turning a Passion for Fitness Into a Successful Management Career

What is it like to manage a personal training studio as well as be a personal trainer? West Seattle personal trainer Duncan Sailors shares his story of how he took his life's passion for fitness and turned it into a successful management career.

PayScale: Describe your Job Duties as the Manager of a Personal Training Studio

I have five main areas of duties: sales, marketing, facility upkeep, training and personnel. My main sales duties include: following up on leads, scheduling free sessions, entering sales data, maintaining sales and client database, retaining clients, and providing accurate sales reports to the owner. My main marketing duties include: managing in house and outdoor signage, doing internet outreach, maintaining a presence in social media such as Facebook, blog, YouTube and Yelp. I also do  business to business collaboration, seminars, street fairs and In house contests. On the service side, I do training sessions (15 to 30+ per week), client follow-up, nutrition programs, exercise programming, and fitness assessments cards (birthday, anniversary, thank you, referral requests). I also handle all client contact and client safety communications via e-mail, phone and text. From the facilities standpoint, I manage cleaning, equipment maintenance, new equipment acquisition, recycling, office equipment and consumables: water, towels and fruit bowl. On the personnel side, I hire, train, review and fire trainers as well as run staff meetings. There are also lots of other small tasks the manager of a personal training studio does each day.

Personal Trainer Salary: How to Become A Personal Trainer

Name: Timea Majorova
Job Title: Personal Trainer
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employer: Self-Employed
Years of Experience: 9
Education: Slovakian Medical School - Physical Therapy
Salary: A personal trainer salary is often between $80 and $250 an hour

Personal Trainer Salary: How to Become a Personal Trainer

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry, there seems to be no end to the "magic solutions" on the market: low carb weight loss, colonic irrigation and weight loss, probiotics for weight loss, and many others. But are these methods effective diet and exercise plans? In this Salary Story about becoming a personal trainer, we learn about the average personal trainer salary as well as what it's like to be a professional athlete and trainer. Plus, we get tips on how to lose weight using truly effective methods from a personal trainer who just happens to be a fitness champion.

Timea Majorova has won numerous national and international fitness competitions. For dieters who want to know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises, or have ever asked "What are effective diet and exercise plans for me?" this fitness champ has the answers. Many people have a hard time just getting to the gym, let alone taking the steps toward becoming a personal trainer. This career requires hard work and a dedication to health and fitness. But, becoming a personal trainer isn't only about staying active - it's an opportunity to help others acheive their athletic goals.

We can't promise that you'll end up in the Women's Fitness Hall of Fame, but in this interview you'll learn about the requirements for becoming a personal trainer, some useful tips to shed those holiday pounds, and information on the average personal trainer salary.

Pilates Teacher Salaries

Name: Kara Wily
Job Title: Pilates Instructor
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Years of Experience: 13 years
Salary: $12.00-$100.00 per hour
Employer: Self - Kara Wily Pilates

Pilates Teacher Job Description:

I teach students the Pilates Method of body conditioning: a systematic, choreographed, chain of exercises that help to improve strength, stretch and control of the student's body. The system can often be applied to people who suffer from pain due to a chronic misuse or overuse of a particular area of the body. My job is to identify the weaknesses and imbalances in the student's body and to teach the student exercises to improve those deficits.