Why Is There Still Such a Thing as ‘Late to Work’?

There's being late, and then there's dropping the ball. A workplace isn't high school (even though it can feel that way), and bells shouldn't rule your life as an adult. What's infuriating about old-fashioned workplace "late policies" is that they treat you like you like you're not an adult or that you somehow live in a world that isn't filled with the chaos of traffic, kids, and the occasional stomach virus.

Your Workday Starts Too Early, Says Awesome Study

Do you feel a subtle pressure to get in to work early? It's not in your head. Many companies create a culture that rewards long working hours. The problem, according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, is that getting up with the roosters often means cutting down on time spent sleeping.

Here’s Why Your Employer Cares Less About Workplace Flexibility in 2014

Workplace flexibility is an issue that affects more than just individual workers' ability to work at home once in a while, or perhaps take a small sabbatical to catch up on that traveling they didn't get to after college. It's at the heart of the persistent gender wage gap, and one reason why we don't see as many female CEOs and executives as males. So it's slightly disappointing to read the Families and Workplace Institute's 2014 National Study of Employers, which shows that employers on the whole are less invested in providing flexible options to workers today than they were six years ago.

3 Ways Flextime Could Hurt Your Career

It's the new American dream: work full-time, with benefits, but from home -- at least part of the time. But flextime gigs aren't always all they're cracked up to be. Before you assume that your flexible work schedule is the answer to all your work-life balance problems, here's what to look at.