27m Americans Would Like to Go Freelance, Please

Freelancer coffee shop
Image Credit: Pexels / bruce mars

There was a time when landing “a secure job with a good company” was seen as the pinnacle of success. These days though, the dream has changed, and the dream is – freelancing.

Freelancers …

Could the Gig Economy Collapse?

Depending on whom you ask, the gig economy either liberates workers from the restraints of full-time, exclusive employment, allowing them to make money whenever and wherever — or creates a system of exploitation that enriches companies while shelling out pennies …

Are ‘Gigs’ Really That Great?

Being a freelancer is anything but free. Sorry to be a downer, but it's true. If you don't plan for the unexpected, you might be shocked when you overdraw from your bank account or spend way more than 40 hours a week at this job you thought was going to be a breeze. Take stock of the realities of gig life before you make the jump.

Afterhours Activities That Can Get You Canned

Just because you’ve punched out for the evening, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of getting fired. Many of the things that can land you in hot water at the office apply to when you’re off the clock as well. Phoenix Business Journal recently had employment law attorney and partner at Fisher & Phillips LLP, Shayna Balch, detail some of the more common fireable offenses.

3 Side Businesses for College Students

College is more expensive than ever before. Students are understandably eager to offset their steep tuition costs by earning money while they work toward their degree. Minimum wage jobs don't provide more than a drop in the bucket of debt, and there are always issues with scheduling hours around classes. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs students can create for themselves that allow them to earn more money -- and on their own time.