7 Jobs That Are Becoming More Widely Held by Women

Woman working
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There was a time when women were mostly employed in just a handful of occupations. These days, some jobs are becoming more widely held by women who are spreading their talents and expertise much …

27m Americans Would Like to Go Freelance, Please

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There was a time when landing “a secure job with a good company” was seen as the pinnacle of success. These days though, the dream has changed, and the dream is – freelancing.

Freelancers …

Here’s Why Robots Might Not Take Our Jobs

Robots have been taking jobs from humans for decades now, replacing bank tellers with ATMs, cashiers with self-checkout machines, and factory workers with mechanized assembly lines. The fear, of course, is that the bots will grow so intelligent -- and low-maintenance from a management perspective -- that they'll replace us altogether. In a recent New York Times column, Neil Irwin explains why that might not be as likely as some naysayers predict. Why? For one thing, robots don't have a lot of common sense.

Top 10 Careers of the Future [infographic]

When you think about futuristic jobs, you probably think of something along the lines of robot scientist (which could mean either a scientist who builds robots, or a scientist who is a robot -- either might apply). But the real jobs of the future probably look a bit more familiar.

3 Futuristic Careers to Start Studying for Now

There's no question that technology is advancing more rapidly than anyone can keep up with. Between wearable devices, innovators like Elon Musk, and industries like biofuel, we're seeing the world change before our eyes every day. What futuristic jobs can we expect to be gunning for in a few years?

Technology Giveth Jobs and It Taketh Them Away

We've all read the studies showing that machines are expected to take over millions of jobs from humans in the not-so-far future, suggesting that a terrifying I, Robot type of world awaits us. But do we really need to fear competition from robots?

For the Horde! 10 Rad Jobs of the Future [infographic]

It's time to start considering what the future of the job market is going to look like because, according to Manolith's infographic, there will be plenty of amazing "sci-fi" type of careers opening up very soon. So, if you're in a dead-end job and are looking to make a career out of your secret techy passions, then check out this infographic and start geeking out!

Jobs of the Future [infographic]

With science and technology making advances every day, the world will soon require an entirely new set of jobs with unique skill sets for which only a few can qualify. The infographic below from Degree Query takes a look at jobs of the future and outlines why each will be necessary.