The 5 Best Jobs In America

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Everyone is different, but there are some consistent factors that help most folks feel satisfied with their jobs. Good pay and job security go quite a long way, for example. Taking factors like these into …

Jobs That Make the World a Better Place

Jobs That Make The World A Better Place

There’s no getting around the fact that almost everyone needs to earn a paycheck. But some workers are lucky enough to hold down a nine-to-five that does more than just put food on the table; these workers believe their job …

How Many Americans Have ‘Good’ Jobs?

Having a job is one thing. Having a good job is another. If you’re a professional who endured the Great Recession, earning a paycheck was your main concern. From a broader economic perspective, those tough times ended in June 2009, …

Want a ‘Good’ Job? Go to College

According to a study conducted by Georgetown University, the job market is recovering, at least as far as low-paying and high-paying jobs are concerned. Between 2010 and 2014, the economy created 6.6 million jobs, and 2.9 million "good" jobs — or those that are defined by a median salary of $42,700 per year. The trouble is: 98 percent of those good jobs went to workers who earned at least a bachelor's degree.

This Is What Millennials’ Dream Job Looks Like

What makes a good job great? Well, excellent pay, for one thing. PayScale's various data packages show that money almost always wins, when it comes to workers' priorities -- or, at least, their stated values. Beyond pay, however, there are other job attributes that appeal to workers. Gen Y on the Job looks at what Millennials want most at work, and what they're prepared to compromise on, in order to get it.

What if All the Good Jobs Disappear?

You spend years acquiring a specialized skill. You go to school, land the coveted internship and then, your professional coming-of-age. You get the gig. After some time in the field, there's some technological breakthrough. It's exciting, historic and ... it puts you out of a job. Sound familiar?