3 Fast-Growing Green Jobs

Want to help the environment and your career at the same time? This Earth Day, do more than recycling your disposable coffee cup and heeding your environmentally conscious co-worker's admonition to think twice before you print out emails. Consider a career change to a green job, and give yourself a better shot at job security while saving the planet at the same time. You'd be surprised at how relatively little specialized experience or education you need to change to some (although of course not all) greener occupations.

The Truth About Green Jobs [Infographic]

CEO Magazine ranked California as the worst place to do business for the past five years? Why? At least some businesses say it's because of the state's stringent regulations, which make it tough to start and run a business.

Green Jobs – Green Building Specialist

Name: Valerie Garrett, LEED AP
Job Title: Coordinator, Regional Green Building Hotline and Green Building Specialist
Where: Portland, OR
Years of Experience: Two years at present job; 18 in career
Education: University of Houston Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, Architectural license, LEED Accredited Professional
Employer: City of Portland Oregon Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Green Building Program
Salary: >See the PayScale Research Center for median salaries in the green building industry.

Green Jobs - Green Building Specialist

Green building. Green energy. Green products. Green is the eco-friendly catchphrase of the century and multiple industries are adopting it as their own. Demand is slowly increasing for both greener products and building design as consumers become aware of the importance of sustainability. This shift toward environmentally friendly consumerism also means the creation of more green jobs.

The following Salary Story provides one example of what a green job can look like. Green building guru Valerie Garrett describes the multiple facets of her job - from education to outreach to marketing and more. As a green building specialist and coordinator of a regional green building hotline, Valerie helps local residents and business owners make their lives and work more green. Keep reading to find out if this green job would be right for you.